Opening screen  
  main screen  

All cocktails
click  to browse through all cocktails. Ones you've selected a cocktail you will see the ingredients and a photo. In the RecipeView you can sweep your finger from left to right to go the the next cocktail in the list.

Recipe View
After selecting a cocktail you can view the recipe. On the bottom of the screen you can see if you're able to make this cocktail. It will check the liqours in your cabinet.
ok you have all the liquors needed to make this cocktail
nok you are missing some liquors, you can add them to your shopping list by clicking [Add to Shopping list]
switch liquor when you don't have the exact liquors you are sometimes still able to make the cocktail. When in the settings (settings)  you've checked to show liquors that are similar, it will show this button to indicate you can make the cocktail using slithly different liquors that are present in your cabinet.

Swipe from right to left to go to the next cocktail in the list.

Click cabinet button to go to your cabinet. Here you can add the liquors you have or add liquors you will want to buy to the shopping list.
[Show available cocktails] will show all the cocktails you can make also using the liquors in your shopping list.

cabinet indicates the liquor is in your cabinet
shopping cart indicates the liquor is in you shopping list

[Get Suggestions] will allow you to search new liquors you can best buy to be able to make as many extra cocktails as possible. It will check all possible combinations, taking account the liquors you already have.

Search cocktails
Click search to search a cocktail containing a certain liquor.
Check the liquor(s) and click [Search].

Shopping list
shopping list
click shoppinglist button if you want to go shopping and get all the ingredients for your cocktails. The [Liqour] list will show all liquors in your shopping cart. The [Side ingredients] list shows the (non-alcohol) side ingredients you need per cocktail. You can check mark each ingredient while shopping.

Using the similar liqour option
lquor groups
When in the settings (settings)  you've checked to show liquors that are similar, the similar liquors will appear in groups when you add the ingredients.
i.e. Tia Maria and Kahlua are both coffee liqeurs. When you have only one of them (or another kind of coffee liquor), the cocktails will still be found. In the RecipeView the switch button can be clicked to show the alternative liquors you can use. This way the cocktail will not be 100% like the original, but you can still get a taste of it.
Click group button to show and add the liquors within the group.